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Need your Feedback

Soooo, our last giveaway was a bust! *sigh*

Some days I'm on the ball, others, I'm not even in the ballpark!!!

That being said, I could use a little feedback.  First off, for all my fellow entrepreneurs out there, what are your latest fail proof marketing strategies?  

I've been exhausting my three main social media outlets (Insta, FB, & Twitter) and, while my followers grow, my interaction with them has dwindled to almost nothing.  I'm not sure if it's due to some of the changes made via Instagram or not.  It just seems like people are "quick to click" but not to read the actual post which makes me so sad.  I love interacting with you guys...answering your questions, hearing your anecdotes or about your crazy day.

I know, in the busy world of social media, it's easy to get swept up in feeds and mindlessly scroll for hours on end.  I was doing the exact same thing.  I recent decided it was time to seriously consider who and what I was actually following.  I narrowed down my feeds to people I've come to enjoy "talking" to, who take the time to chat back.  Accounts that inspire me, whether that's artistically, spiritually, or simply aesthetically.  I'm trying to take control of my free time again, purging the extras...I just hope I'm not someone's "extras" - Gulp!!!

I could use your help, too. I love giveaways, I just don't know which goodies you'd like to get!  Here are a few to choose from, I'd love to hear your thoughts and I'd really appreciate your feedback.  If you'd like to help me out, head over to our Instagram post or stories and cast your vote.  (or, comment below with your choice..1, 2, or 3)


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