Hi, I'm Jaimee McClellan, the owner and designer behind Bushel & Peck Paper.  I began my business back in 2003 out of necessity and a way to stay sane while on bed rest with my little-boy-to-be. Years later, my business has grown (and so has that little boy!).

As a kid, I could never find anything with my name spelled “my way” on it. Spinning racks desperate to find a key chain or mug with my name only to be completely disappointed. Kids love seeing and connecting with their name. A sense of excitement and pride comes in recognizing each letter that creates THEIR name. That’s why I chose to do what I do. After receiving requests for more products, what began as personalized parties expanded into specialty items like growth charts, bookplates, ID Bands, and keepsakes.
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I love doodling, museum hopping, farmers markets, gardening, and I own an excess of children's picture books. Most days, you can find me drawing and filling orders in my cozy studio nestled in the quiet suburbs just outside of Philadelphia. 

Go Phillies!

Thanks for stopping by. So glad you're here!