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I'll let you in on a little secret... I didn't go to school for graphic design.  Although, my father tried his best to steer me in that direction.  In 1992, before many of us even had a personal computer, I started my BFA at Kutztown University as a sculpture major.  How's that for supportive parents?!  I now know why my dad was so adamant about graphic design.  Little did I know that's where I'd wind up. Funny thing is, I didn't stick with sculpture after all.  After trying my hand at welding, jewelry making, woodworking, printmaking, oil painting, ceramics, and photography, I wound up majoring in textiles.  While I enjoyed every medium I worked in (minus oils), I absolutely loved...

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Journal Time!

Welcome the newest addition to the shop...Soft-Cover Journals! Now you can choose between our original hardcover or soft-cover journals.  These light-weight cuties are just the perfect thing for traveling.  Toss one into your travel tote and you're ready to go!  We've got lined journals for jotting down your vacation details and blank for doodling the dreamy landscapes you encounter. Come take a peek.

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