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If you've been to my house, you know I'm a plant lover.  There's nothing better than a houseful of greenery.  The way they brighten up any room and fill it with life.  I'm always bringing home new plants and finding new places to put them.  I've found the plants that "like" me and that I can keep alive longer than a year.  So, now the challenge is to find creative ways to incorporate them into my decor. Clockwise from top left... Air fern & driftwood - inherited by my late neighbor Vertical Plant Hanger -  Cactus in french candle tin (my little creation)  Bike Planter by wearableplanter  House Number Planter - A Beautiful Mess  Tea cup planter - The...

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In Awe :: the Work of Nick Kuchar

  I stumbled upon Nick Kuchar's work the week after I came home from an unforgettable trip to Hawaii.  Longing to be back on the sunny shores of Oahu, I found myself scouring the internet for anything that could transform my Pennsylvania home into a tiny bit of Aloha.  To my surprise, I didn't have to look far.  Nick happened to be an ETSY neighbor.  I quickly snatched up my first print as a gift for my hubby (& me, of course) - a sweet reminder of the afternoon we spent on Lanikai Beach, snorkeling and watching the outriggers go back and forth. and, then, another for Christmas...which now brings a little Hawaiian sunshine to our kitchen...and conjures up fun...

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In case you're new to the blog, I LOVE gardening and baking (well, maybe not so much baking but eating sweets...therefore, I bake)!!!  I can't say my yard is anything close to a botanical mecca but it's my little slice of heaven, here, in the suburbs of Philly.  If I've got an empty spot, I'm planting something in it. This year we scaled down on our veggie garden.  We were a little overzealous in previous years and a lot went to waste.  We couldn't even give it away quick enough.  Here's a peek at what been growing... ...and still more coming...  

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